Our target audience refers to small and middle-size buisness.

You can see a part of our projects presented below.

 All websites are adopted to mobile gadgets.

Accesibility of these websites depends on their owners. You are welcome to contact us in order to get more detailed information.
Website https://white-tower-contracting.website/ for construction building comapny with three offices. Classic and energetic design gives an empression of trustful B2B company. Pictures are optimised that makes it possible to download the website within shortest time. Internal SEO is done icluding H1,H2 tags. The owner of the website can see statistics for the periods 1-7 days, decade, month and a year. It is easy for the owner to update this website even he is not IT person. It took one week to develope website.
Recruitment agency with the wide range of categories. Constructed in 2018, became a good marketing tool. Target audience - families and singles who need a help in everyday home work. Website counts 20 pages total. https://domkadroff.ru
https://en.elagin-flowers.ru/ Start-up project in the area of flowers delivery. There are two versions of the website: in English and in Russian languages. http://elagin-flowers.ru
олмакс-запад.рф Website for the car repair business in Moscow city. Alltogether there arev 13 pages. Corporate style is applyed for fonts and colors. It took only 4 days to designed the site and publish it in Internet.
Kids learning center marketung tool. Corporate color scheme.
Pictures are optimized. Basic SEO optimisition is done. Site was published in internet in 7 days.
Corporate site for small refinery plant.
Corporporate website for the hitech company in the field of pakaging, 15 pages. Optimised. Was launched within 7 days.
Freelancer website designed in HoReCa style due to the specialization of the freelancer. Degrees, Diplomas, Certifiates are presented there alongside with Job Experience and Referencies. Files can be downloaded from the site.
Real estate agency website with a lot of interesting articles devoted to the market trends and advices to the potential clients. https://kvartira-peterburg.info
https://skrost.com/ Construction building company website with the Projects list and pictures. Social media support site and this combination gives a good sales results. услуг.
https://laserpro24.ru This company is working in B2B sector in metal cutting. Design reflects metal and sparks colors. Coding is combined with constructor. r in Design refle
http://okna-ton.ru/ Landing devoted to the windows tuning. It is typical small buisness offering that needs exactly Landing Page format with flashy slogans, referencies and calls for actions.
Multipages website for the middle-size buisness company with operation in home renovation, more presize - in laminate covering. The accent is done at the advantages for the potential clients. There are many original pictures taken during the renovation process that makes website more trustful. https://ukladka-laminata.spb.ru
Multipages website for the restaurant with the food delivery. Mobile version included. https://restoran202.ru/
Интересный сайт для кальянной. Сделан за неделю. Использованы оригинальные фото кальянной, в качестве background - декорация на одной из стен бара. Стилистически приближен к целевой аудитории. Связан со страницей в Инстаграм. Работает магазин блюд кухни бара, всего 61 позиция. Адаптивный. Владелец сайта часто забывает оплатить хостинг. https://tumannk13.ru
Корпоративный сайт для нефтепереработки.
Исполнен в корпоративных цветах, картинки и фото оптимизированы. Сайт запущен за 7 дней.http://volkhovnpz.com/https://en.elagin-flowers.ru/
Многостраничник по турам и трансферам в Финляндию из Санкт-Петербурга. Всего 15 страниц, 3 из них скрыты, на них ведет перелинковка на сайте. Новые владельцы сайта остались довольны, поскольку все их пожелания были учтены. Сайт только начинает помогать в бизнесе, но уже сейчас им можно пользоваться для стимулирования продаж. Изготовлен за 10 дней.
Персональный лэндинг для преподавателя вокала. Выдержан в строгих классических сочетаниях темно-серого и красного цветов. Сделан акцет на популярности услуги: большая галерея учеников преподавателя. Энергия и оптимизм наполняют каждый блок площадки. Мобильная версия есть. http://bella-vocal.ru

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